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  • General Cleaning

    The general cleaning process for most hand-made rugs is relatively straight-forward. It starts with a pre-cleaning inspection to identify pre-existing conditions and stains that might require extra work. Next we remove as much dry soil as possible, either with a mechanical duster for pile rugs or a vacuum for flatweaves and delicate rugs. After the dry soil is removed we wash rugs on both sides with a detergent formulated for rug cleaning mixed with water.

    Specialized spotters are used on an "as needed" basis and finally the rugs are flushed with clean water to remove and detergent and spotter residue and hung up to dry. The next morning each rug is inspected to determine whether it will be washed again, sent to stain/color removal or go to finishing and final grooming. The process for most machine-made rugs follows a similar protocol.

    Within this general process we have a fair amount of flexibility and we treat each rug individually. In the end our goal is to give you a rug that is as free of dirt, soil and stains as we can make it

  • Urine Stains/Deodorization

    Rugs with pet stains generally go through our "general cleaning" process.  In addition, they are soaked in enzymes designed to break down urine.  After the cleaning is finished the rugs are sprayed with a non-toxic deodorizer and we work on the color to get the appearance as close to its original appearance as possible.

  • Hand Repair

    Our repairers bring decades of experience to their craft.  We can perform repairs of all scales, from quick, simple jobs to extensive re-weaves.  "Contact us " to see what we can do for you.

  • Machine Repair

    Hand repairs are not appropriate for all rugs.  Some rugs call for a tape binding or machine serging on the edges.  We can repair or replace these as needed.

  • Padding

    We sell a variety of high-quality padding for rugs of all sizes and situations.   We're happy to consult with you to determine the best pad option for your rugs and cut them to an appropriate size or custom fit them to your rugs.

  • Color Run/Stain Removal

    Colors can run for a variety of reasons and spills are a part of life.  We use several color stripping products to correct color run and remove stains.

  • Moths

    Carpet moths are an increasing concern.  While there is no true moth proofing, we can remove the moths that have made their way into your rug and after cleaning treat them with a non-toxic repellent to give you and your rugs a fighting chance 

When someone beats a rug, the blows are not against the rug, but against the dust in it.


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